© tommy brown
"It just doesn't get better than Tommy Brown. From the moment we met him, we knew we had made the right choice. So outgoing and friendly, our guests asked us multiple times if he was a friend of the family. Very personable, yet always professional. It poured on our wedding day. There was only a small opportunity for outdoor pics, and he made it happen with his expert direction and quick eye for a great photo. All the while keeping our whole bridal party enthused, there were 18 of us! They came out beautiful, one never could guess what awful conditions they were taken in. The pictures at our reception, equally fantastic. The candids he took blew me away, we can live our entire night over by looking through them. I had no idea he was even there when he was snapping photos! His expertise is evident. And his personality one of a kind. My guests were asking about him all night long, and even weeks after the wedding! Everyone loved him. Tommy has an originality which sends him soaring above other photographers. The moments he captured we'll have forever to look back on, and smile, and laugh."